Sensory flashcards - math

Sensory flashcards are a great way to add the five senses into your lessons.  I love, love, love the touchpoint math program.  Some school districts use it for their math curriculum and others use it as supplemental materials.   This is the  perfect program to use with kindergarten and first grade because it is tactile-kinesthetic.  

You know, Emeril's catch phrase "kick it up a notch" . . .  well, it's not just for cooking!  I think there should be a sign either in your lesson plan book or near where you do your planning that reminds you to do this with your lessons.  As teachers, we should always be striving to improve our craft or "kicking it up a notch".   One way I tried to do this is by incorporating as many of the five senses as possible in my lessons.  Here's a sign you can download:

If you've used the touchpoint math program, you've probably seen the flashcards or signs with the touchpoints (dots) on the numbers.  One of the things I did to "kick it up a notch" with my lesson that introduced the numbers was to have my students make their own set of flashcards and add a dot of glitter glue on the dots.  This add a scruffy texture to the dots. 

One of my friends liked to incorporate food with her lessons.  She had her students glue candy red hot on the dots and used Cheerios for the circle around the dots.

What is a way you've kicked your lessons up a notch?

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Unknown said...

I love touchpoint math!! I want to introduce it to my son at home. I love your idea of using food:)

1...2...3...Teach With Me

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Michelle these are so great! Kids are so tactile and want to touch, taste, see and just experience everything. What a great way to learn!

Taught Touch Point years ago and thought it was so fabulous esp for those friends that needed a visual and not just a symbol or to know that 3 was 3 because they were told it was.

Loved seeing the kids bob their lil heads as they counted all the points quickly.
Good stuff!

~Christy & Tammy

Miss Angel said...

I saw Touch Math used while I was student teaching, and I loved it! It really works, especially when kids get so good that they can draw in, or imagine, the dots and circles on any number. Adding a sensory element to it is even better!

Cecilia said...

Love these ideas.