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Does your school have a social committee?  Sometimes it is called a sunshine committee.  This is the committee that sends flowers when someone is in the hospital or has a death in the family.  I thought it would be fun if we share activities our committees have organized.


If you are planning a luncheon, remember the teachers with the last lunch period.  Many times it is "slim pickings" for those poor people.  We tried two different things to solve this problem.  We asked for at least 3 different foods of each category (if you have 3 lunch periods).  We numbered the bowls/containers #1, #2, #3 with post-it notes.  Those bowls were taken out of the frig during those lunch periods.  We also held the luncheons on our early release days.  Everyone could eat at the same time which was a nice bonus.

Another problem we had with luncheons was people who came to the luncheon but didn't bring any food to share.   We found a compromise.  People had a choice of donating $5 or bringing a side dish or dessert.  The money was used to purchase paper goods, drinks, or the main course.  We ordered food like pizza or 3 inch sandwiches from Subway for the main course.

Sometimes we had themes for the luncheons.  We had a baked potato bar for St. Patrick's Day.  This is one of the easiest luncheon to plan and cheapest, too!  Read more about it HERE.


We organized activities such as:
***Secret Santa
***"You've Been Booed"
***Christmas cookie exchange

Expressions of Support

How does your school show support when a faculty member falls on hard times?  Have you heard the story The Bundle of Sticks? Read about it here:


You can show support different ways.  We organized meals on a schedule when a faculty or staff member (or their family member)  was in the hospital. Example:  Kindergarten team provided the meal on Monday, First grade provided the meal on Tuesday, and so on and so forth.  Sometimes teams collected money and gave the family a gift card to a restaurant that delivered instead of home cooked meals.

I asked the teachers on my facebook page if they had suggestions for this post.  Here are a few suggestions:

Tabitha Opio:
*Breakfast with a theme each month
*Cookie exchange at Christmas
*During testing season they brainstorm different ways they can stump the students.
*Teachers get birthday bags, too.

Denise Dormer Dauphin:
*Teams take turns to host a payday breakfast.

HoJo's Teaching Adventures:
*Tree of thanks - each teacher filled out a leaf when they wanted to recognize another staff member.
*She had a principal who gave everyone apples on their birthday.  Another principal gave everyone enough money to buy a pop/juice/water with a little note of thanks.

Kris Weimer Cruzen:
*Faculty and staff members are divided into 8 groups.  Each group is responsible for organizing activities for one quarter.  So, each group is responsible for 9 weeks every 2 years.
*Pot luck breakfast
*Happy hour
*Chili cookoff
*Dinner prior to conference
*Christmas party
*Secret Santa
*Bowling after school
*Trip to winery after school
****Usually has 2-3 activities each quarter

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