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Have you figured out a good system for choosing class jobs?  It took me several years to figure out a system that worked for me.  The way I originally did it, took up too much class time.  Plus, I would usually get a few notes from parents about their child not getting the job that he/she wanted. After trial and error, I found a system that seemed to solve most of these problems.

 I have also pinned different ways of organizing jobs on my Classroom Management Pinterest board.

In the picture below is an example of how I organize jobs in my classroom.

At the beginning of the year, I number my students alphabetically.  I divide the class into 2 groups and put them on a ring (see at the top of the board in the picture).  For this example I have 24 students.  So, students #1-12 are on ring 1 on the left and students #13 - 24 are on ring 2 on the right.

Students #1-4 and #13 - 16 are put on the chart.  The following week, all the cards are moved across and down one row and #6 and #13 are put on the back of  rings 1 and 2.  The next week #5, #17 are put on the top row.  The following week all of cards are moved across and down one row.  
This pattern continues throughout the year.  You don't have to keep track of which students have done which jobs.  Students don't complain about not doing a preferred job because they know eventually it will be their turn.  If you wanted to add a little seasonal fun to this chart, use seasonal calendar numbers for the students' numbers.

If you use numbers instead of students' names, you will save time when you are setting up your classroom in August.  

I made two versions of this for you.  They are both free.
Click HERE to download the PDF format.
Click HERE to download the EDITABLE version.

I used KG Second Chances Sketch font by Kimberly Geswein.  The font is free for personal use.  If you want the editable version to look like the PDF version shown above, you will need to use this font.

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Unknown said...

I love these - so cute! I always include jobs such as iPad manager and computer manager. These are jobs that the students look forward to, and they are super helpful. For instance, at the end of the day, when students need to put away their iPads, only one or two students are in front of the cart putting away and organizing iPads. This saves time and the students feel like they are responsible for something important!

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Michelle said...

Thank you for this time-saving and inspiring tip for making my class jobs board! :)